Nutrition Powder of Binchae Foundationby GBM Networks Asia

GBM Networks Asia Pvt, Ltd. is Bihar, India which currently manufacturing nutrition powder used as relief food for 2,000 people daily and seeks to multiply the number to 10,000. We provide balanced nutrition powder for children and adults. Nutrition powder factory also contributes in creating jobs and sustaining economical sufficiency for many in the region.



Nutrition Facts of the Powder
The nutrition powder from GBM networks is based on four grains (wheat, rice, maize, green gram) mixed with milk powder. It is “Pre-cooked” power contains well – balanced amount of vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin C) and minerals (Iodine, iron and folic acid).

Abundant Nutrients The nutrients are suited for all age groups
  • For infants formula
  • For children in developing stages
  • For adults who need supplementary nutrients
  • For older people with weak digestive functions
  • For the pregnant women
  • For the poor students who suffer from lack of concentration due to malnutrition
Long Shelf Life and Convenient Storage It is packaged as powders which is easy to store. It does not use any preservative but since it is packaged in extremely arid condition that its shelf life is about one year.


Affordable Price
  • One serving (50g) costs US $0.10. “Binchae” is the high quality food with a low price
  • One serving (50g, 177kcal) is good for a meal. It is suggested to have one serving for supplementary nutrition; as a main meal, it is suggested to have two servings (one feels full after eating)